Rain rain come again!

Yes, the rain blessed us for five straight days in a row.  However, it only lasted for one week.  So we are still praying and rain dancing.  It is amazing, however, that so few days of rain could turn the very brown landscape into an eruption of green on the hillsides.  It also produced an abundance of cortez tree brilliant yellow blossoms on the hillsides in our area.

The birds are building nests as fast as we take their homes out of the rain gutters and outside fans on the house.  This is a sad process.  I tell the birds every morning that they can’t make their home where it isn’t a good idea.  The birds must indeed have “bird brains” as they don’t listen.

Dr. Basha from the Basha Health Clinics in CA stayed at my condo for almost two weeks and practiced accupuncture at Carmen Spa in Limón #2 as well as worked on me and some of my friends at the condo.  He is coming back to do some more alternative medicine practice on May 17th for one week.  He will practice at Carmen Spa in the morning and the Rancho Santana Spa in the afternoon.  Those of us who utilize alternative medical practice know and understand the benefits of this more natural method of getting and remaining healthy.

Many wonderfilled events have occurred this past month in addition to Dr. Basha’s visit. The El Limón Salon is going very well with its monthly gathering the second Sunday of the month.  The May 8th event had a good group of attendees to hear Ciara from UK talk about her experience as a PhD consultant to leaders on the topic of ecological practices for sustainable life on this planet.  Her talk certainly pointed out to me that we are individually responsible for small and large actions and how we treat each other and our surroundings.   I am so grateful to have this monthly Salon opportunity available here in the area where I live.

Since everyone knows I have almost as much energy as the Energizer Bunny, it won’t surprise you that I have been doing research and writing a business plan for AE Integrated, or in Spanish Alternives Sostenibles, S. A.  It has been a lot of fun and enlightening about the new products for solar, wind, and battery backup systems.  When Lennie Wilker and I built our solar house in Hayward, CA in the late 1970s, there weren’t a lot of alternatives for energy.  David Shelton, the owner of AE Integrated is a strong proponent of ecologically sound and sustainable energy systems.  We can talk for hours and share past and present ideas.

My Guasacate house is leaping up at this point.  People who drive the Guasacate road or live in the area have remarked at “the houses up on the hill”  Yes, one of those houses is mine, the other is Ron and Ana’s house, the first to be built on the La Loma development and it is next to mine.  If I can finally figure out how to attach photos to this blog, you will see the current progress of my house.

In the meantime I am adding some comfortable touches to the condo such as a screen door at the main entry and a table for the Weber barbeque for the entry patio area.  I actually had somewhat hidden the Weber in the laundry room because I didn’t want anyone putting the barbeque on the wooden outside table of the terrace–a logical spot unless you want to kneel down to barbeque your food.  My future project will be an outdoor bench for the entry patio area because the breeze out there is fantastic and the view of the forest area where the howler monkeys live is awesome too.  The ocean view side of the condo I call the terrace versus the entry side which I call the patio.  Both views are spectacular in my estimation.  My guests according to my Airbnb https://www.airbnb.com and TripAdvisor https://rentals.tripadvisor.com reviews think that the condo is pretty nice too.

This brings me to my last subject for this blog.  I have spent a lot of time learning how to link sites to take advantage of the rapidly changing world of social media.  It would be good to receive some comments regarding the subject.  I am adding some hashtags to see if this is working.

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Guasacate house two months ago
Guasacate house two months ago
Two months ago
Two months ago
The 13 day old donkey was with his Mom and the owner on the road to a friend's house. So cute and right at home.
Guasacate House May 13, 2016

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It is green again
It is green again


The 13 day old donkey was right at home under his Mom on the road to a friend’s house. So cute and part of My Life in Nicaragua.