Working on the beach

For the past four years I have been saying that I live and work at the beach. When I am in residence at my condo that is the case. My condo is almost on the beach. However when my condo is rented, I move around to other homes for periods of time. This past month I am once again working “on the beach”. The friend’s house where I was staying—and paying rent—was a stone’s throw from the ocean. Not a bad life for work and a fantastic office with a view. At this moment I am sitting on my friend’s terrace in Guasacate 30 feet from the sand and surf.

What do I do for work? I consult for both health and business clients. Today, my friend is my client for wound care. I am the logistics coordinator for community projects in our Tola municipality area. Although we have a very kind-hearted and astute mayor of the Tola municipality, my friends and many local folks call me the mayor of Limón. I work within the local systems to get projects initiated and completed, albeit in Nica time. The cooperation that I have encountered so far from the governing officials and professionals for some of the projects has been exemplary.

I am daily amazed by the generosity and helpfulness of my fellow Nica countrymen. The Golden Rule is very evident in my life. People have learned to trust me and to be honest about both the good and the bad that I encounter. One cannot teach responsibility without demonstrating it as well. This takes a lot of time, repetition, and above all patience.

This past month was the completion and Community Event for a Memorial project at the Cuascoto intersection on the main dirt road to Limón from Tola . One year ago there was a horrendous accident at this corner killing four people from Cuascoto who were sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus. A drunk dump truck driver hit the bus stop at a high speed at 10:00 am killing everyone instantly. I had been to the Cuascoto area on the oxcart tour sometime ago and knew the families of the deceased. I drove by the accident shortly after the bodies had been removed and saw the devastation. I felt that we needed some form of memorial to honor their lives and to remind drivers who have no conscience about their speed and damage to the people eating their dirt as the cars and trucks fly by. Hence my idea for planting four crosses on the Cuascoto corner as a visual memorial. The Tola mayor said he would donate the land but I needed to receive permission from the family members for this project. In Nica time the permissions were documented and presented to the Mayor who approved the project. One the one year anniversary of the accident March 21st, we had a Crosses Dedication Event with a Mass by the Tola Catholic priest at the site. There were at least 100 people in attendance and the Community leaders served food after the Mass. I am so grateful to all those who helped me: Mayor Angel Morales, Rancho Santana, Claudia Silva, Claudia Ruiz and Fani, the Cuascoto community leaders, the priest from the Catholic church in Tola, Mi Ranchito, and all the men and women from Cuascoto who provided oxcart transportation and food for the attendees.

My house in Guasacate is progressing too with a tree growing in the kitchen. At the present there is major infrastructure being built for a large strong retaining wall and water reservoir that will exist under the lower terrace at my house. Ron is doing the same thing for his house so they are both being constructed at the same time. Ron is a great civil engineer and comes up with these efficient conservation ideas that make total sense to me. I would rather have super infrastructure first and interior finish later.

Gail and I have projects that are on my “to do” list while she is out of the country for six weeks. The most pressing deadlines are those that I prioritize and the others seem to fall behind farther and farther. Needless to say, I am grateful that there isn’t a time clock to punch or I would be paying the employer for sure.

Several of my friends who either have homes here in RS or used to live here were visiting for a week at a time, staying with me at my rented digs or at the condo whichever place I called home at the moment. Needless to say these visits create multiple opportunities for dinners for friends at my living abode. I am one of the major purchasers of Campo Brew, the local craft beer company. I love their beers and buy them by the case to share with guests and me to drink for sunset with or without guests.

I am sharing a photo taken from my passenger seat in my car while on one of the many trips I had to Managua this month. At major traffic time, the driver of the truck passed us on the shoulder only to find the road ended in a short distance. He then was trying to intimidate our lane of traffic to squeeze back in front of us. Since Bayron, my driver, had been patiently waiting and crawling along for at least ten minutes, I kept my eye on this truck. As he kept inching closer, I took out my phone camera and leaned out the window and took the photo. The guy was somewhat shocked and backed off to creep in behind us. I thought it was a riot and I had had it with these young jerks who think because they have a bigger torn up vehicle they can intimidate anyone. Mind you my poor camionetta is constantly filthy dirty from the dust and bird poop so I’m not a pristine ex-pat. When I am the only grey hair in the car with other Nicas, I’m not sure what others such as this guy are thinking. We all had a good laugh in the car and the truck dutifully followed for at least another 5 km to the next rotondo.

Margaret Satchwell, a nurse from the UK, is staying at her son’s condo one of the new RS Residences. We have become friends and exploring buddies so I am including some photos of new restaurants that we are trying. Construction is booming in the Tola Municipality. I blink my eyes and something—a house or business—pops up in no time. Needless to say there are more jobs for locals and money for them to also become entrepreneurs.

Must get back to work. Take good care of yourselves one and all.

Cuascoto Memorial — March 21, 2017

Guasacate House with road in front.  Retaining wall in front of the road.  Water reservoir will be under the house terrace.  Marg Satchwell, Me, and Tessa Gunther in my future kitchen that is now growing a tree.  Think tree will have to move though.

La Vaca Loca in Guasacate.  Built with mostly recycled materials.  Open for bkfst. and lunch.  Hostel has two upstairs rooms.  Owned by a couple from Sonoma Co., CA.  Cute and great food.


Truck from my car front seat passenger window.  Close eh?

3 thoughts on “Working on the beach

    1. I had a different phone number for you. I hope you are well. I’m sorry about the two posts. It took me four hours to get the photos attached finally. We have had intermittent power outages and surges and everything internet goes into cyberspace.

      Hope all is well with you and Ann. Much love.

  1. Hi Margie,

    Your new house is coming right along…I know how long a project like that can take when dealing with supplies often needing to be reordered because the count wasn’t quite right or the overages that can’t be returned and there is always someone at the job site who will buy them for ten cents on the dollar, etc. We are having more power outages and as I write this message the power just went out, will have to send once the power returns. Having said that, have you thought about adding a water tower for gravity feed? It’s wonderful to have such a backup plan. I don’t know if they allow them in your community but they can be hidden. With the upslope behind us, we have a wall around it and plenty of cacti. No one sees the unsightly black tank including us, and it’s a lifesaver when needed.

    Tom and I have been here five years…time has flown. I love listening to crashing waves and am lulled to sleep at night by their soothing sounds on the rocks below. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t like it here any longer, and that’s an understatement. He’s packing up to move back to Big Bear CA where we have a home. I’m not thrilled with the idea but we all pick our battles…and I’ve met my Waterloo.

    For Tom, he believes that my home would be one that the government would take whenever there is a confiscation of foreign property owners homes like in Mexico, especially since my home isn’t located in the 150’ beachfront restriction setback, bank accounts, cars, etc. So, next month it will be going on the market. With views to CR and beautiful sunsets we hope to get around $700k. or best offer.

    Sounds like you’re busy and keeping the rest of the community on their toes as well. They’re lucky to have you as you help the locals in your area and provide support whether a memorial or medical needs.

    Well, back to packing. Tom winning the packing of boxes with 244 done so far…I’m starting to pack box number 2. Maybe that will slow the process of moving for a few more months.

    Much Love,


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