Update on June 1, 2020

Why the update so soon after many months of no blog? Two important pieces of information to report.

One, it’s been 2 1/2 months of quarantine for Rancho Santana and management is loosening up some of the strict policies within our community. YEAHHHHH. Today the Tienda is opening up for customers again. All the store supplies had been moved to the El Cafe area in the hotel and were only available on order with household deliveries via masked and gloved personnel. Today I can go to the Tienda with my mask on and pick up my leche crude – I can’t make lattes without that. Yes, I order and get two liters of raw milk about every other day. RS cows are raised here on the ranch, hand milked, with all milk sent to the RS kitchen for processing — filtered and pasteurized for those who want pasteurization. I choose leche crude. We have two main kitchens here at RS – the main one supplies the food to the restaurants – normally 5 venues – and the charcuterie kitchen. The latter makes all the sausages, cheeses, and feeds all the employees three times a day. The charcuterie is a very special kitchen with its own micro areas for different food preparations including the butcher shop. During this crazy lockdown time the charcuterie area only had five employees. The manager, my friend Abby Smith, did some great research on what types of cheese would work in our environment. Note to others: try some different cheeses and find out where they came from. Some varieties are unique to certain countries and climates. Ok, that’s number one report.

Number two important information is that my Guasacate House listing is now posted at: https://www.nicaraguarealestatehorizon.com/nicaraguarealestate.htm. It is under / Real Estate – La Loma in the listing. Although my agent wanted to add more photos and drone pictures, it has been delightfully raining and prevents alternative photo captures. So if anyone wants a beautiful vacation or living sight in Nicaragua, contact Horizon Group, my realtor. I have a complete set of construction drawings to finish the house and reservoir that will be included in the sale of the house if anyone is interested. I will finance with a contract for 60% down payment.

Nicaragua, like other countries in the world, is experiencing COVID-19 deaths. Who knows what the true statistic for deaths is. I do know of several individuals from our Rivas Department who were hospitalized, recovered and are now in their own homes. One of these was a guard here at RS. We are practicing prevention as we should. However, I am also encouraging folks, local and expat, to stop listening to and spreading gossip. Live one day at a time and be a positive role model. Stay home if you are sick, get to the hospital if you can’t breathe, wear a mask when you go out into public areas, and think positively everyday.

So much for updates. Today is today, nothing more.

Solo el amor prevalece – Only love prevails.

One thought on “Update on June 1, 2020

  1. Love hearing from you through your blogs. Wishing you all the best with pandemic and sale of your property. We are doing well in NC.

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