Hanging Out in Nicaragua

Yes, Nicaragua is on lock-down like the rest of the world. However, living here at Rancho Santana with my beautiful condo and ocean view, it could be worse.

FYI, I had the COVID virus about two months ago. Sick as a dog for three days with high temp, 0 energy, body ache whereby I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to lie down, sit up, or cry. So I stayed on the top of the bed, only drank peppermint tea, and water for those three days. Day four I had a bowl of cereal and worked a little. By the end of the week, life was back to normal and has been the same for two months. Many folks here in our area have had similar cases, no hospitalizations, and no deaths. We are hearty folks here.

It’s a good thing that I recovered quickly because the following week I was dupped by an email scammer who successfully received $500 from my bank account in the US. After one whole day online with the Wells Fargo Bank Fraud Division, I had: to close and reopen a new account, contact every financial institution–credit cards, automatic transactions, etc.–I have three pages in a notebook regarding the mess. Thanks to WFB, they retrieved my $500 and I’m grateful to the 12 (yes 12) individuals from WFB who patiently worked with me from my cellphone and computer to get all the accounts straightened out. I know more about malware and what to look for in emails now than I ever thought I wanted to know. I finally gave up being paranoid this week.

I have had fun being quarantined. I edited some medical courses for Continua Group, a reputable company that teaches CEU programs online. And I edited a great book that I will hopefully get published this year – Dirty, Wet, and Bitten: A memoir of a monumental move, a marriage, and Mexico by Abby Smith. I’ll let you know when it finally becomes published.

Since the last blog, my textbook partner and I finished the new FunLimón Adult English Book 1. YEAH, now we’re waiting for the FunLimón Board to approve funding for the compendium of 6 books. I was hoping to have all 6 Textbooks written by January, 2021. If we don’t get approval, I’m not writing, although I did outline the chapters for Book 2.

There is so much time for me to busy myself because there’s no one here except the few people who were visiting RS before lock-down and now have been stuck here since March. Of course, one could be stuck in a less desirable place. I find it interesting that some people are filled with fear, won’t go out unless forced. I have other friends who are mindful in crowds, where we all wear masks, but aren’t afraid to receive and give hugs. I’m very grateful for these “brave souls”.

The Center for Especialistas de Addiciónes (CEA), a 30 bed rehab center in Managua where I am the only female board member, is really struggling with this pandemic issue. CEA is open but hard pressed financially as the need for CEA has grown within Nicaragua while the US and other country clients are no longer able to come to CEA. We relied on these patients/clients to subsidize those who needed financial aide to be in rehab. At the last board meeting via Zoom, the CEO said that we would be $8000 short by December. If anyone feels that they could contribute some help, please read David Stadthagen’s request. I’m going to see if I can attach his letter at the end.

Our rainy season has been consistent so far and thankfully, no flooding. Everything is green and beautiful.

My Guasacate house is still for sale, although a few people from Managua have looked, love the location and the view, but feel that there isn’t enough of a community there as yet–hum, sort of a slam to all the folks and businesses who are part of the Guasacate community. I have hope that someone will see the light and buy; the price is perfect for the structure and the view.

Zoom is becoming quite the thing for me. I’m Zooming weekly with my three brothers and monthly with a couple of friends. If you haven’t tried it, you may want to.

I’m getting hungry so will probably spend the next 30 minutes trying to attach some media to this blog before I can eat.

Take care of each other, STAY POSITIVE, and remember ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.

My little condo hibiscus garden with the iguana who thinks it is his restaurant.

One thought on “Hanging Out in Nicaragua

  1. Margie how cool that you live in Nicaragua. We enjoyed our 2 months in Granada a few years back. The main thing to adjust to was the different accent Nicaraguan folks spoke versus the Ticos, or even the Panamanians we conversed with. What a gorgeous place.


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