Changes in technology of a Site are THE WORST

I have now spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to get my normal WordPress site back to normal. This is as far as I’ve gotten and not sure if this is working. Please let me know if you have received it.

My problem is the assumed knowledge of the language used by the user. I swear that there has to be a rotating dictionary or glossary that is hidden somewhere in my computer, or I need to develop a ton more of patience.

So now I see that maybe a “block” is really a paragraph. MAYBE!

Short post. I’m writing EFL exams to be given next week and I still have Levels 2 to 5 to go.

5 thoughts on “Changes in technology of a Site are THE WORST

  1. Margie,

    I received your post. I got to visit Costa Rica in early December so will view your post in a slightly different light. I stayed in an eco-resort with a friend so did not “rough it” but did experience a small, local airport and roads that required four wheel drive.

    I look forward to your next post.


  2. It’s good to hear from you Margie.. I hope you’re well. We haven’t been to Nicaragua for more than one year. I can’t wait to go back. Are you still in Rancho Santana?

    Evelyn Kaplun


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