Gone Too Long

No, I haven’t left my home in Nicaragua. I just realized that I had posts in my outbox that hadn’t been sent and when I sent them, I received posts from friends and family who wanted to hear more from me.

I'm grateful to all of you who haven't forgotten me.  I'm not promising that my postings will increase in a timely manner, and I'll see how I can improve the frequency.  Getting used to the technology is still a process that stands more study and work.

As I meditate each morning I ask, “Guide and direct me to my greatest good today.” Then I follow whatever shows up on the day’s agenda. The first thing to show up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is my FunLimón gym time at 7:00 am. In my past life, I went to the gym or Curves five days a week early in the morning before work. After 20 years of excuses here in Nicaragua, I’m back to the routine. The real truth is that I have COVID Long as a result of the severe COVID bout I had in June of 2018. The Naturopathic Doctor that I go to in Managua told me I needed to do something to get my blood pressure under control, something that was never an issue but COVID Long changed that. Hence I’m back at the gym and loving it again.

Teaching Adult English at FunLimón

For the past four years I have been teaching EFL five days a week for four hours most days. On Saturdays we have two levels so my day is from 9 to 4. My teaching partner, Diter Acevedo and I are a good team. FunLimón purchased a new set of textbooks written and published in Spain New Go Ahead that meets the INATEC criteria we teach. This session, which consists of 12 weeks, we have 7 levels of students. INATEC requires that we teach 12 levels before they issue an official Graduation Certificate. I feel that we are finally on the right path for teaching EFL to adults. I could write a book about my EFL experience teaching in a rural area. BTW our New Go Ahead books are written for the European and UK culture. My World Wall Map is frequently used to explain the differences in cultural words especially in clothing, places, and money. I’m also learning a lot of Spanish that is unique to our area. Needless to say, I love the students and my co-teacher. This session we have begun a new collaboration with University Anunciata in Rivas. Two 4th year Anunciata interns come to help the class at all 7 levels. Each level has the same two interns each week so that there is consistency for our students and the interns. We (FunLimón) will be evaluating the interns next week and Anunciata will be evaluating us. I hope that we pass the evaluation, as I think it is useful for Diter and I to be challenged by the interns at times.

Guasacate Dream Property Sold

Yes, in October 2021 I sold back my Dream House under construction back to my friends who were the original owners. I couldn’t maintain the mortgages I had on both the Dream House and the Rancho Santana condo. After many discussions with advisors, it was clear that the answer was to sell the Guasacate property. Although that area is growing, there aren’t enough permanent residents in Guasacste if I needed help. At RS, not only does everyone know me but they watch after me like a hawk. Some people may be offended by this, I am grateful. Now I will eventually be able to catch up on my finances again. And my children are happy about the decision and have supported me through the whole process.

There are other major projects that are currently under construction. I’ll talk about them in another episode. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves and your families.

Level Two Class Third Session 2021

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